trying not to be a skinny distance runner

So i haven't always been a pure distance runner. in high school i only did cross country to get in shape for wrestling. This worked well because i would always come in having the best shape on the team and i only got in better shape as the season progressed, i wasn't the best wrestler, but i was what the team needed when they needed me the most. But in high school track i was a 100, 200, 400 runner, mainly focusing on the 200 and 400. So I was a long sprinter and high school. But since coming becoming a true distance runner( kinda, i still run a respectable 400 52 seconds) I told myself that i wouldn't become skinny like the majority of the ones out there. So i started to focus on lifting a lot more then i did in high school, as in i have a better lifting program and plan little workouts that go with my lifting. Like about much rest i get in between sets. Since doing that this year alone i went from 145lbs to about 157lb. my goal weight is around 165 or 170, i guess i'll know when i get there. last year i was able to get to 155ish from a similar weight, but due to the job i had i wasn't able to keep lifting, and well when you don't lift you loose everything. Luckily, i'll have a job where i will be able to have time to get my miles in and lift, hopefully both in the same day, i might have to alternate them, but it's okay cause it's only cross country and not track. Now keep in mind that i've been able to gain muscle mass while averaging around 5 miles a day during track and 8-9ish during cross country. so i think i done pretty well for myself. i only hope i continue to get stronger. Right now at this time i'm able to bench at least 200lb, i haven't maxed out on legs in a while, so i don't know what i can do there but i can box squat 225 10 times with relative ease.   


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