Mount Union Tune-up Meet

It was my birthday weekend that weekend. I just turned 21 on the 15th of Feb. and the meet was on the 17th. Instead of riding up with the team to Mount Union, I elected to drive home since my dad's house is a stone throws away from Mount. I was supposed to run that Friday before I left, but I didn't, in my mind there wasn't much of a point to run. In hindsight I should of, but it's to late now. Well that night I really wanted steak, but Texas Roadhouse was way to busy. So I suggested that we would go to the local watering hole, The Elm Inn. They always have great food, if you're ever in the Alliance, Ohio area, its worth a shot. Great food at a great price. Anyways, I had Steak, Fries and a Quesadilla, again this is probably not the best pre-meet food you can have, but I never gave to much of a crap about my diet, I see food and I eat it, simple as that. Now to the meet day, I was just running the 500m, it's my least favorite and favorite at the same time, very much love and hate. For Breakfast, I had a Banana and two Snicker Bars, yes very healthy. my warm-up takes about an hour to do. I jog about a mile and a half, then I go through A skips and stuff like that. Then I do some stride-outs and few full out sprints. I'm very particular with how I put on my spikes, so that's a ten minute process. Then I do my stretches, then I go through my a-skips and all of that stuff again. then for the last roughly ten minutes, I just bounce around to stay loose. Now it's race time, before I get in my blocks, I try to oxygen load my longs the best I can. The gun goes off, I shoot out of the blocks like a cannon, my first 200 is about 25 seconds, I come through the 300 at 39 seconds, now fatigue is starting to hit me. At about 350 I really start to die, but I'm holding on, and I eventually get passed at the 400,"only 100 left" that's what I'm thinking. I try to hold on even more, but I just get passed at the line. But I end up running my best time of 1:11.55!!! I'm very happy with this time, even though at the time I was completely dead. With this time, my coach wildcarded me into our conference meet for the second year in the row! I'm very proud of what i've been able to accomplish this year, but I still have more to give, and i can't wait for what the future will bring!!


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