My experience running at All-Ohio track meet

This past Saturday(April 14th, 2018), i got the wonderful opportunity to run at the All Ohio Track meet. I didn't exactly "qualify" because i wasn't top 25, in division 3 track, but we were aloud to take one person per event if coach thinks we can do well at the meet. Coach thought that i could still do well at the meet so he decided to take me. I was just thankful that i was running there. so i wasn't going to waste the opportunity. Like always i told myself that i was going to run until my legs were burning then keep going, because i can breath after the race. I take about an hour warm up, and honestly it may have been the most nervous i've ever been warming up. Usually it's kind of like "what ever, its go time" but this time i was thinking more about how i was going to run the race. So I watched the first two heats, fyi the time that won was a 1:55.67 or something like that. It made me a little more nervous with how fast everyone was there, and i didn't want to have a bad showing. Then it's turn for my heat. I get out fast, my first 200m is a 27, and 400m was about a 58, i was in third going into the second lap, my coach told me to push from 400m to 600m and that's what i did, but the guys in first and second did it just as much. Last 200m as my coach and i call it, it's just big balls, everything that i have. And that's what i gave, but it just wasn't enough to pass them, but on the bright side i ran a 2:03.9!! my first time in the 2:03's and it won't be my last, well hopefully i leave that time behind for something better! But overall this weekend went well for me and my time. We had people place well in their events, or they got pr's!   


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