Growing up, working on a family farm

From as early as i can remember, i've always been helping on my family's dairy farm. The Skolosh farm was purchased around 1945, and my family has been keeping it going ever since. My family first immigrated over from Poland and Slovakia, and they worked in the coal mines of southern Ohio. So you can say hard work has been instilled in my family. But back to me, I've been helping milk, cows, feed calves, and just general farm stuff since i was little. I was taught to work hard. That if you have a dream, it's going to take a lot to reach it. That things won't come easy, I guess i see the farm as a reflection of reality. We work our asses off sometimes for little in return, like right now milk prices are complete crap, you can look them up and see that they're down from last year at this time. But do we love this work? Bet your ass that we do, i am damn proud of my family, and all that we've been able to do. I want the farm to be around for my kids, and honestly if that means if i have to quit my business job( i'm a business major) and go back and work on it full time I will. I'm planning to help out on it when i'm older when ever i can. Sorry off on a little tangent there, but almost everything i own, i've paid for myself through working on the farm. I showed cattle for 10 years out at my county fair, and I've sold my dairy beef feeders for 6 or 7 years. I was fortunate enough one year for my cow to be named runner up overall. And yes it was mainly the cow, but i walked that damn cow every damn day for miles, and up and down hills. all to tone it's muscles. Then i would turn around and do the same thing with my other feeder, which got second in it's prelim class behind my cow that got 2nd overall that year at the fair. So it shows that i did't just work hard with one cow, i worked hard with both of them. Not to mention i had to feed, and wash them everyday. But because of my hard work, all those years, i was able to by a car, pay for my first year of college and have money left over. I hope to raise my kids very similar to the way that i've been raised, teach them to work hard, and if you want something, go after it.


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