To Many Hours on Rocket League?!?!

So i'm straight edged, meaning i don't drink, or do drugs of any kind. So i can find myself very bored at times, luckily i've found this amazing game called Rocket League!! This game is pretty much car soccer. sounds pretty simple right? Well it's not, there's a crap ton of mechanics that go into it. Pretty much if you have enough boost, you can jump up to fly and try to hit the ball in the air. There's double jumps and every direction, and a more that i won't go into cause some of it i don't fully understand yet at this point. But back to my little story, well if you want to call this a story. This game brings me a ton of joy, i love the competitive aspect of it, to me it's the most rewarding game that i've ever played. And i've played a crap ton of games. owning this game for just over a year i've put in 290 hrs( not a lot to some people, but it is for me). It's basically if i don't have class work to do, or at practice, i can turn on this game for a few hours and it brightens up my day, well if i tend to win most games. With this game you can really feel yourself progressing, only other games i really notice this with are racing games. Like at first you may not hit the ball a lot, and you may miss simple stuff, but now i'm at the point where i don't miss that stuff. I'm starting to try difficult fly's and hits and i'm starting to be consistent with them. There's a ranking system in that game for competitive play which really tells you if you're better then last season. Last season in 3v3 i only got to gold 3, but this season i am almost plat 2. Which is 2 ranks higher. It goes gold 1 then gold 2, gold 3, plat 1, and so on just for a quick example. So if you're a competitve person and love video games i suggest purchasing it and trying it out! first watch some game play on it to see if you think you'll like it. oh and read a better review then this one 


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