Running on more emotion then training

This past week including this Easter was a difficult one for me. My aunt recently passed away from cancer, it was a short and hard battle, but i'm glad that she's not in pain now. Due to the apparent complications with the unfortunate events i wasnt able to get my full training in for last week. I've had a lot on my mind, i wasn't even sure if i was ready to run this past saturday. then meet the meet day came, i and realized what she(my aunt) would want me to do. she wouldn't want me to sit and mourn while i could be competing. She was the most competitive person that i know, and i guess that's where most of my competitive drive comes from, from here and my family. So when the meet started i told my self i was going to run with all my heart, it didn't matter what my legs were feeling. i guess it was fortunate enough for this to be a small meet, there was only about nine guys in the 800. We walked on the track, all just joking with each other, it was nice and laid back. then we lined up, and the gun went off, i went out pretty fast but got stuck behind someone and had to pass them on the 3rd turn( or after the back straight). Then i started to pick it back up again, my first lap was around a 61-62, still not what i want but i guess i'll take it. Then i passed the guy in second on the back straight, then i set my eyes on the guy in first. spoiler alert, i still got second place. But i went as hard as i could go for the next 200 meters and i ended up getting a personal best in the 800, with a time of 2:04.33. again still not what i want, i know i can get 2 flat if i go out hard enough. But i didn't feel my legs till after i sat down, so i guess she was looking down on my that day. because with what i ran over spring break and not being able to run as much last week, theres no way i should of ran my best time. for now on, i not only will run for my uncle who passed almost 5 years ago, but i'll run for her too...   


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