might be my last post for a while, maybe not? clickbait? to long of title? yes

so in my computer science class, we were tasked with writing ten blogs about 500 words long. well this is my last one. I thought i would hate typing these, but truthfully i don't. Even if next to no one reads these, it's just nice to get my thoughts off of my chest. Like i've been through a lot since last summer and i've basically kept it all inside. is this the best for me? no, but i guess it's kind of my style, i like just sitting back and not having people feel bad for me, or what ever. So if i do come back to blogging, it won't really ever be to personally, just besides some high lights and the medium lights of my life. So some bad some good, other times just like this, talking about random stupid stuff. You know what every college kid talks about. Some stuff will make perfect sense to some, while others it'll just sound like random rabble. On the other note, i did enjoy my computer science class, most of the stuff i understood, and others not so much. This past year, ive made to very below average websites, but hey i did it right? i wrote a few very simple computer programs, and learned a lot more about computers. So if you're in college or high school, consider taking it just to get a deeper understanding of computers.  If you don't thats okay too, just always remember expand your horizons, don't be trapped in that little bubble of yours. learn new and wild things, hey you might like it, and want to make a career of it. 


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