not talking about running?!?! music??

So what your guys/girls favorite music genre, songs, musician?
My favorite genre has to be metal and all its sub-genres, especially metalcore in particular. It's just something about the heaviness of the songs. How they tend to point out the problems happening today in the world. How they tell us it's okay to be different, it's perfectly normal to act weird around people. And when times get tough, remember you're not alone, there's a whole community of people to  pick you up when you are down. I tend to see this the most at concerts, Rock On The Range, is the big show i go to every year, it's f*cking fantastic i recommend to go if you ever can. My favorite thing to see is people in wheel chairs crowd surfing, it truly brings a tear to my eye. Because it shows that all of us helping them up there, care about one another no matter what. And to see the joy on the band member's face when someone with a disability is crowd surfing is next to nothing.
Songs? I won't go into why i like them in particular here, but feel free to ask me if you want to know more, i'll eventually get back to you. I have a few by Chevelle because they're outright my favorite band. they are as follows.... SMA, MIA, Send The Pain Below, The Red, Emotional Drought, The Clincher, Antisaint, Sleep Apena, Shameful Metaphors, Face To The Floor, Jawbreaker, and Joyride(Omen). Of Mice and Men are another one of my favorites.... Second and Sebring, Space Enough to Grow, Pain, Public Service Announcement, Unbreakable, and YG LOKO. I could tell you more of my favorite bands and my favorite songs by them but i want keep this shorter, maybe not so sweet, but feel free to ask me, for suggestions!
Muscian, This is kind of tough, because i love TOOL with their unique writing style with time sigs. and their lyrics, same thing with The Dillinger Escape Plan, but they're not one musician. My favorite that's not in a band or anything has to be Rob Scallon( might be spelled right, too lazy to google get @ me) he's recently done challenges writing a song in an hour and another one writing one in 56 mins, and it made me respect him even more. Are they the best songs ever? no, but they are still really good considering with what he had to work with.
Disclosure, not promoting anyone, just giving honest opinions!!!