ALL OHIO MEET this weekend april 14th

I am lucky enough to be able to be running at the all Ohio meet this weekend at Ohio Wesleyan. This is a huge opportunity for me. I will be able to run with the fastest guys in the state at the division three level! now my coach decided to wild card me in because i've been improving each race more and more. Most of my problem seems to be my first lap pacing. I tend to go out too slow, and this weekend i shouldn't have that problem with running with fast guys. i'm hoping to get about a 2 min flat or even sub 2, that would be amazing. i think that would be amazing if i would be able to do that since this is only my 2nd year of running the 800, as of right now my best time is a 2;04 and some change. so in reality a 2 flat isn't out of the question, i just got to grit my teeth and make it hurt, and remember the pain will eventually go away. I hope that i can, it's been a goal of mine since last year, hell it's been a goal of mine since high school when i ran 200's and 400's, so this would mean the world to me.With all the bull crap that i've been through since this past summer, it would feel like a weight would be lifted off my shoulders. but even if i do get it, i cant be to satisfied, because i know that i can push even harder. "be happy but never satisfied" i'm not sure if i said it, or someone else did but thats one of the mottos that i live by.


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