Conspirisy theory with my 500m sprint

Baldwin Wallace Indoor Meet

 This race took place at Baldwin Wallace, which really i wasn't the most exited for because it's a couple hours away from Muskingum. But then again I only had to run one race and truly it's one of my favorites. I was a 200 and 400 runner in high school, so for college I decided to bump up to the 800, but i still run the 400 from time to time. For me the 500 is the perfect race because it's still more of a sprint, yet the extra 100 makes a huge difference. Now onto the "conspiracy theory" on the official results it has me placing 3rd with a time of 1:12.30, and the guy ahead of me with a 1:12.29. But in reality I beat the guy who they had ahead of me and they flipped our times around. Now I'm not being a sore loser because I can admit when I lost fair and square. But i clearly remember it, and I have picture evidence of it as well! Now I'm not to ma about it because this is still my best time in the 500, but it does suck a little bit that they messed it up, and in turn messed up the team scores of the meet as well. I believe this to be unintentional mess up, but it just pains me that, this pretty professional timing time could make such a simple mistake. I helped time some of my college meets last year, and how you get exact times is quite simple. You click on the front of the person to get their time and with the number assigned to them on there hips. You match it, very simple right? I know I didn't have the wrong hip number, I always double check. Now for my next meets I hope nothing happens like this again. I hope that its the first and only time. 


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